Research: Human friendships based on genetic similarities beyond the superficial

Friends often look alike. The tendency of people to forge friendships with people of a similar appearance has been noted since the time of Plato. But now there is research suggesting that, to a striking degree, we tend to pick friends who are genetically similar to us in ways that go beyond superficial features.
For example, you and your friends are likely to share certain genes associated with the sense of smell.

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From a shoot I did with my friends at KKi last month.  KKi is run by some amazing people I’ve been friends with since high school.  Check them out, their mission statement and business model is inspiring.  I’ve always been super lucky to be surrounded by fantastic people.  And check out the whole series + breezy interview we did together.
"Thought is Frequency"

Thought is Frequency. 

Taking action of thought is Vibration.

Doing something with that thought creates Mass.

From the Mass you create

It brings others Frequency.  


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Observations by Ike Edeani
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